Fwd: WSW– please send to the group email list

Dear friends!
Terry asked that I forward this to you all. I assured her that no one doubts Tom’s devotion to WINDS!
We will always miss him.

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> From: Theresa M Kelley <tkelley@wisc.edu>
> Subject: WSW– please send to the group email list
> Date: September 16, 2020 at 2:34:02 PM CDT
> To: Marjie Marrion <midsi@aol.com>
> Dear Marjie,
> Our son Patrick and I wrote an obituary for Tom that just appeared in the WSJ. I am sorry to say that we left the WSW out though we didn’t intend to do so. Each of us added things without fully reviewing what the other added. My fault not to catch this. We’re a little addled to be honest. Please convey my regret about this to everyone, for Tom was devoted to playing in WSW with all of you.
> I hope and plan to be in the audience when you all play together again.
> So many good wishes to all,
> Terry