what do the little eights mean?

Hi Winds,

You may have wondered about what the little eights written above (or
below) the clefs mean. Making this page helped me understand this
better. Notes that are aligned are exactly the same pitch, so you can
see how the different instruments overlap.

The eights indicate that the notes should sound an octave higher (or
lower) than the what is considered “normal” for the clef. The lowest
note on a tenor is middle C (often called “C4”). A soprano will sound an
octave higher, so there should be an octave clef on the soprano part to
distinguish it from the tenor part. Bass parts should really have an
octave clef, too, because the notes sound an octave higher than a normal
bass clef.

A reminder that we’ll meet on Monday as usual, and hope to see you there!

– Randy