Lisette one-day workshop RSVP

The date for Lisette’s one-day workshop is fast approaching! If you
think you will participate please email us

Date:           Saturday, September 21, 2019.
Time:          9am – 4:30pm
Location:   Capitol Lakes • 333 W. Main Street • Madison, WI 53703

Molto Espressivo! (or How to Turn a Phrase)

What makes for a musical performance? For expressive playing? There is always something more to say… or a better way to say it!

When presented with soaring melodies, clashing dissonances, or intricate rhythms, we will focus on tone, articulation, breathing, musical weight, and maybe even a little vibrato, to capture the essence of each composer’s expressive vision.

Musical selections may include works by Albinoni, Holst, Steve Marshall, Phil Neuman, Purcell, Sieg, Victoria, Vivaldi, and more!

Expires on Saturday September 21st, 2019